Grainne Uaile - The movie

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The screenplay for "Grainne Uaile - the movie", was written by the director, Ciaron Davies and is based on his book, "Blood Sails." It follows her life from birth to death, from early childhood, her youthful years as a Clansman's wife, her subsequent career in piracy, politics, intrigue, double dealings, her fight against the powers of the English state, and the famous meeting with Queen Elizabeth.

"We wanted to make a movie like the old epics of times gone by, brimming with story, life and characters. It was also important that all the actors performed their own stunts and sword fights. The battles them selves are often elaborate and full of tension. Filming was grueling for the actors and daily shooting was tough and physically demanding, often out in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold, everyone pushed their physicality to the very limit.

Grainne Uaile - the movie is a roller coaster of a ride, set against the rich and complex tapestry of 16th century Ireland, and spanning 70 years of intrigue, drama and violence.

The pirate queen her self, is a tough, highly intelligent and hard woman, one of the toughest we have scene in cinema. Her enemies are equally as tough and her nemesis, Richard Bingham is a suitably twisted villain, somewhere between Genghis Khan and Hannibal Lecture. Thrown into the mix is an incredibly diverce and interesting set of characters who will make you laugh and cry in equal measures. Grainne and her crew of pirates will fight their way through hordes of English villains, whilst her keen wit and mind plots the demise of their foes and keeps their ship afloat in a sea treachery and skullduggery.

About creating the story, novel, screenplay and the movie, director Ciaron Davies says;

"We wanted to make a stylish and historical movie that was exciting, dramatic and full of adventure, with moments of high intensity and emotion. It was very important for us to show the character of a strong woman in this movie. To move away from the typical stereotypes we have seen in recent years, where women are portrayed as either victims or love interests. The pirate Queen is presented as a tough women, well able to hold her own with the men she commands. She has a feminine side to. It was very clear that we wanted to present a strong empowered woman who an audience would identify with. This is a real story about a real female warrior. One of the most important women in history."

In this film, Grainne Uaile, played by Irish actress Fionnala Collins, is a tough bad-ass woman who doesn’t take any shit from any one. She also has a strong feminine side. What we are presenting is a real woman with a unique identity.

The official trailer will go online this February 2016


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